Mulder Brothers Brokerage is a less-than-truckload (LTL) consolidator and third-party logistics (3PL) provider offering unrivaled efficiency and reliable services since 2008. We specialize in transporting, warehousing, and consolidating shipments of temperature-sensitive products. With 15 years of experience as frozen and refrigerated freight brokers, we’ve helped companies of all sizes across Northern America through agile supply chain solutions and best-in-class, 24/7 support. Learn more about our full-service, temperature-controlled (FST) capabilities and how partnering with Mulder Brothers can optimize your operations and grow your business.

Brokerage Services We Offer

Brokerage Services We Offer

As a 3PL brokerage services provider, our goal is to become your one-stop shop for transportation logistics solutions. Our expertise in transporting refrigerated and frozen goods allows us to handle all of your sensitive cold chain logistics for you. We’ve developed strategic relationships that enable us to provide an extensive range of service offerings, including frozen LTL shipping, warehousing, cross-docking, and redelivery.

  • Shipping and Transportation

    Whether you need local, regional, or nationwide LTL transport for your goods, we’re equipped to meet your needs through reputable carriers and competitive rates.

    • Temperature-Controlled LTL Brokerage

      Temperature-controlled LTL shipments consist of temperature-sensitive goods in quantities that only make up a partial truckload. This shipping method is intended for both refrigerated and frozen goods ranging from food products for human or animal consumption to non-food items like pharmaceuticals or chemicals that still require cold transportation.

      LTL shipments are advantageous when you don’t have a full truck’s worth of goods but you don’t want to — or can’t — wait until you can fill a trailer. This is particularly beneficial for perishable items because you can deliver them faster, and LTL shipping can also save on transportation costs.

      Temperature-Controlled LTL Brokerage
    • Transportation and Logistics

      Temperature-sensitive products must be handled with care so that they stay at the required temperature during all stages of shipping and warehousing, thus maintaining product integrity and safety. To that end, Mulder Brothers partners with reputable, experienced carriers to make on-time, in-full (OTIF) deliveries, retaining product quality no matter where in the nation your products need to go.

      We eliminate the stress involved in cold-chain planning by negotiating with all necessary carriers and businesses on your behalf. We book transportation and warehouse storage, arrange for cross-docking and consolidation as needed, monitor shipments, and record and communicate all details related to your shipment.

      Transportation and Logistics
  • Storage and Warehousing

    Mulder Brothers ensures the safety and integrity of your refrigerated and frozen products by partnering with fully vetted third-party warehousing providers. Whether you’re looking for cold storage on its own or a combination of warehousing and transportation, we can meet your needs with a timely and cost-effective solution.


    • Storing and Warehousing Temperature-Sensitive Products

      Many industries produce temperature-sensitive goods that require careful monitoring and controlled environmental conditions. For example, food and beverage industry products have specific acceptable temperature ranges for storage and shipment to retain their proper taste, optimal freshness, and nutritional value. The pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries also require temperature-controlled environments so product performance won’t suffer.

      At Mulder Brothers, we deliver reliable cold chain warehousing solutions. For a refrigerated or frozen storage environment, we can connect you with trusted warehouses equipped with the storage space and temperature control you require.

      Storing and Warehousing Temperature-Sensitive Products
    • Temperature-Controlled Transport: Refrigerated and Frozen

      Temperature-sensitive and perishable items require reliable refrigeration or freezing throughout the entire transportation process. Mulder Brothers utilizes temperature control system-equipped trucks that keep your products in the necessary temperature range en route, with documentation and real-time data for full transparency. As we also handle cross-docking and redelivery, you can feel confident that your products are in capable hands throughout each step of their journey.

      Temperature-Controlled Transport: Refrigerated and Frozen
    • Frozen
      Warehousing and

      Frozen items require subzero temperatures, typically between -10° F and 0° F. Our frozen warehousing and logistics services facilitate temperature-controlled transportation, warehousing, inventory management, and deliveries. Whether your product is a food or beverage item, a medicine, a chemical, or another type of frozen item, we provide optimized solutions for greater efficiency in your supply chain.

      Frozen Warehousing and Logistics

Multi-Vendor Consolidation

As a trusted multi-vendor consolidation partner, Mulder Brothers offers cost-effective logistical solutions for achieving on-time deliveries while reducing expenses, labor, and emissions. Multi-vendor consolidation services involve strategically combining LTL shipments from multiple vendors into a single load within one truck's trailer. Multi-vendor consolidation makes the most of a trailer's open space to save on costs and cut back on the number of trips it takes to complete shipments. Utilizing this service offers many benefits, including:

LTL and consolidated shipping methods optimize transportation efficiency, decreasing trips and streamlining operations to simplify your supply chain.

Greater efficiency equates to time savings. While we handle your cold chain logistics, your team is free to focus on other aspects of your business and what you do best.

Consolidating your shipments with those from other businesses on one truck can result in significant savings without sacrificing service quality or delivery timeframes. You’ll also have increased purchasing power with your chosen vendors.

By partnering with fewer vendors, you’ll be able to develop stronger and more rewarding relationships.

Walmart Consolidation Program

Walmart Consolidation ProgramView Walmart Delivery ScoresNo matter the scale of your logistics needs, Mulder Brothers is equipped to provide the right solutions. As an example, we are an approved consolidation partner in the Walmart Consolidation Program.

This program combines LTL shipments from multiple manufacturers and suppliers at its distribution centers to achieve full-truckload (FTL) shipments. Our team will guide you through Walmart’s stringent requirements to meet deadlines and avoid penalties by coordinating experienced pickup, order consolidation, and delivery services.

  • The process starts when a supplier sends a shipping notification that an order is ready.
  • Under the program, the orders will be picked up and brought to the nearest consolidation warehouse.
  • Workers will then combine LTL orders that have similar final destinations onto one truck for transport closer to the end location and, ultimately, a Walmart store.

As part of the program, you’ll benefit from reduced shipping costs and optimized processes. Walmart has strict standards regarding deliveries, and Mulder Brothers can help you navigate the program’s complexities so that you can comply with their regulations and raise your OTIF score. We execute this program with proven efficiency, as evidenced by our Must-Arrive-By Date (MABD) scores, which we update periodically on our MABD score page.

Why Mulder Brothers Is the Right Choice

Mulder Brothers Brokerage brings true dedication to transportation logistics, as well as an extensive background in trucking that other brokerage firms just can’t match. We’re passionate about helping you meet your goals, offering scalable support as your business grows. No matter where in the nation your shipments travel, the temperature-controlled trucks and warehouses of our carriers and partners will ensure the safe, timely delivery of your goods.

Whether you need transportation, warehousing, multi-vendor consolidation, or help with the Walmart Consolidation Program, we offer reliable logistics solutions at competitive rates. Handling refrigerated and frozen goods is among our core competencies, so you can be certain that your products will receive careful, strategic handling throughout every step of your supply chain.

For more information on our freight brokerage services and how our team can help, contact us today.