Temperature-controlled transportation and storage are vital aspects of the food industry, particularly for frozen goods. Partnering with reliable cold chain logistics companies gives businesses peace of mind, ensuring that their products will maintain their quality and remain safe for consumption, all while reducing product losses through consistent and controlled handling conditions.

At Mulder Brothers Brokerage, one of our core competencies is the safe storage and transportation of finished frozen foods to provide optimal cold chain solutions. Read on to learn more about our services, the necessary logistics involved in transporting frozen products, and how we are uniquely equipped to support your business.


Mulder Brothers’ Frozen Storage and Shipping for Finished Frozen Goods

Mulder Brothers frequently completes less-than-truckload (LTL) deliveries to grocery stores, restaurants, and big-box retailers like Walmart. We also deliver directly to other businesses that incorporate food services, such as  U.S. cold storage warehouses for transferring frozen inventory between facilities, schools, hospitals, prisons, trade shows, and food banks. Our company utilizes an extensive carrier network of vehicles that handle frozen shipments, allowing us to offer multiple scheduling options. 

Our temperature-controlled trucks safely transport preassembled and -packaged frozen goods such as:

  • Frozen dinners
  • Frozen meats and seafood
  • Frozen bread loaves, rolls, and more
  • Frozen dairy products
  • Frozen canisters of juice

The standard temperature range for frozen cargo is between 0° F and -10° F. To ensure that products stay in this range, we refrigerate them in cold packs, encase them in special packaging for remaining frozen or utilize reefer trucks with actively cooled trailers. 

Regulatory compliance is always top of mind. We follow all applicable food safety regulations from the FDA and adhere to the Food Safety Modernization Act to ensure proper temperature monitoring, storage, and handling for safely transporting frozen goods.


Transportation Logistics

Mulder Brothers aims to provide superior LTL logistical support for our customers in the frozen goods sector. To do so when setting up shipment routes, warehousing, and deliveries, our company:

  • Partners with experienced transport companies well equipped to handle cold chain cargo
  • Groups shipments that have similar destinations or retailers as well as temperature and humidity needs
  • Focuses on efficiency when mapping out routes by geographic location
  • Fills carrier trucks as close to capacity as possible and quickly handles any last-minute gaps
  • Plans deliveries for times when loading docks are open
  • Uses the correct sequence of pallet packing, loading, and unloading
  • Keeps warehousing time to a minimum during transport
  • Delivers on time

Our experts will maintain the integrity of your cold chain, enabling you to focus on production rather than complicated cold chain logistics.


Working With Mulder Brothers

Through our extensive network of dependable shipper and carrier partners across America, Mulder Brothers effectively consolidates and delivers finished frozen products and refrigerated goods on a local, regional, and national scale. Our goal is to be your one-stop shop for third-party logistics (3PL) in frozen LTL service, refrigerated trucking, and refrigerated warehouse storage. 

For superior reliability, we partner with Art Mulder & Sons Trucking (AMST), a family-owned and -run business since its inception in 1971. AMST enables us to offer additional services related to frozen LTL shipping such as warehousing, redelivery, and cross-docking.


Mulder Brothers: Cold Logistics You Can Trust

Since 2008, Mulder Brothers has provided both customers and carriers across the country with 24-hour support and a service-first commitment to honesty and excellence at the core of all we do. We’ve built an independent carrier base with proven dependability for delivering refrigerated and frozen products on time. Just as importantly, we at Mulder Brothers believe in transparency and accountability in our metrics, with consistent temperature management you can rely on throughout your products’ journey. 

To learn more about the Mulder Brothers’ difference, contact us today.