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Refrigerated Transportation

Refrigerated transportation services are essential to keeping perishable goods, such as food products, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals at safe temperatures during transportation. At Mulder Brothers, we are a transport logistics company offering world-leading support and nationwide coverage. We provide on-time and cost-effective temperature-controlled LTL transportation services, temperature-controlled storage, cross-docking, and redelivery services to ensure the seamless transportation of your perishable goods.

LTL Shipping and Delivering

Temperature-controlled LTL, or less than truckload, deliveries can fill in the gaps when you can’t fill a truck with product. By combining a partial load with another shipper’s load in a single truck, you can reduce the risk of spoilage and late delivery fees. 

The team at Mulder Brothers provides frozen and temperature-controlled LTL distribution nationwide with pickups in the Midwest region. We ensure that temperature-controlled items remain within a safe temperature range throughout the entire journey. Our temperature-controlled LTL services offer the following advantages:

  • Better Timing. We understand that most perishable goods have a specific window of time that temperatures must be maintained in order to prevent spoilage. We provide on-time delivery and safe temperatures during the transportation process to ensure the product retains its quality.
  • Temperature-Controlled Storage. We offer temperature-controlled storage to make sure products that take longer to be delivered stay in peak condition.
  • Value. We specialize in temperature-controlled shipping and have extensive experience coordinating LTL logistics. We can also readily access necessary cold storage, and we maintain a tight schedule to ensure prompt delivery. 

Cross-Docking and Redelivery Service

Mulder Brothers maintain a strategic relationship with Art Mulder & Sons Trucking (AMST) to offer an extensive range of full-service solutions to our clients. AMST is a family-owned trucking company with over 50 years of experience in the industry. Our relationship provides us with an entire fleet of trucks and the following advantages for our clients:

  • Modern warehousing that was built in 2022
  • Temporary and long-term storage
  • Cross-docking
  • Redelivery
  • Frozen LTL shipments
  • Walmart Consolidation Program

Working With Mulder Brothers

At Mulder Brothers, Service First™ is our priority. We make it our mission to serve clients with integrity and exceed all expectations. Our fleet is ready to provide our clients with weekly dedicated LTL services. We have hundreds of trucks in our fleet to meet our clients’ needs, and we are fully licensed and insured to ensure our clients’ deliveries are made on time. With our extensive knowledge of cold chain logistics, Mulder Brothers provide dependable solutions for all of your cold transportation requirements.

Temperature-Controlled LTL Services From Mulder Brothers

Temperature-controlled and refrigerated transportation services are critical to the transportation of various perishable goods. Manufacturers that are unable to fill a truckload consistently depend on temperature-controlled LTL services to ensure that their deliveries arrive on time and do not spoil prior to arrival. 

As a reliable logistics partner, Mulder Brothers sets the standard for frozen LTL services. We can pick up shipments in the Midwest and deliver them anywhere across the United States while maintaining appropriate temperatures and on-time delivery. If you require reliable transport of food products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other perishable goods, Mulder Brothers is here to provide the ideal solution. 

For more information about our cold chain LTL services, contact us today.