When you need reliable LTL freight providers in Illinois, you can trust Mulder Brothers Brokerage. Our hardworking team provides efficient service at affordable rates—and has done so since 2008. Get the best service, route, and price with us!

Our Services

Transportation and Logistics

Our transportation and logistics services focus on LTL (less than truckload) consolidation, specializing in handling temperature-sensitive products. Although transporting refrigerated, frozen, and temperature-controlled products is our specialty, we handle all types of products efficiently and quickly.

As a 3PL (third-party logistics) provider, we have an unrivaled network of reliable partners who ensure your products arrive on time and with proper handling. Our operations include exceptional transparency and communication so you always know where your products are in their journey. You don’t need to risk spoilage or delays because our vast capabilities will ensure speedy LTL service. 

Multi-Vendor Consolidation

Keep costs low and your shipping space optimized with multi-vendor consolidation. We review all shipments to see if there are opportunities to combine loads for a more efficient process, keeping in mind your unique temperature needs.

We will never sacrifice shipping integrity for space or speed, but we always look for opportunities to save on space, time, and shipping costs for our customers. Multi-vendor consolidation is a way to ship more and utilize space efficiently, resulting in positive outcomes for everyone.

Walmart Consolidation

Walmart has high standards for its customers and requires strict adherence to its efficiency metrics. LTL freight providers in Illinois who are in the Walmart Consolidation Pool Program know that the expectation is on-time, in-full deliveries every time.

Walmart’s consolidation system is a massive network that requires experienced LTL management. We consolidate and route shipments using our consolidation centers, bringing together the suppliers and Walmart’s 47 regional distribution centers for efficient operation. Overall, we help suppliers navigate complicated guidelines to get fulfillment quickly without needing a full load.

Temperature-Controlled LTL Services

For smaller shipments requiring temperature control, you need an LTL provider equipped with refrigerated or climate-controlled trailers. We offer efficient packing, shipping, and reliable temperature control throughout transit, delivering your products quickly and affordably. 

When it comes to frozen LTL freight providers in Illinois, Mulder Brothers Brokerage delivers products and peace of mind. Avoid supply-chain problems and costly spoilage with proactive operations with solutions at the ready when issues pop up. From pharmaceuticals to food, our team will plan, coordinate, and route your goods to arrive at their destination in the same condition that they departed the warehouse.

Storage and Warehousing

In addition to temperature-controlled LTL services, we offer cold storage and warehousing to meet the needs of your sensitive products. Eliminate storage uncertainty and logistical nightmares with temperature-controlled, refrigerated, and frozen warehousing options throughout the state. If you’re looking for LTL freight providers in Illinois that offer far more than the minimum, choose Mulder Brothers Brokerage.

Why Choose Mulder Brothers?

Among the many LTL freight providers in Illinois, Mulder Brothers Brokerage is experienced, trustworthy, and respected for meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations. With nationwide support, you can count on us to deliver. We will do whatever it takes to ensure you are satisfied and the job is done with integrity.

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