Since 2008, Mulder Brothers Brokerage has provided professional, reliable, and affordable transportation and warehousing services. We are a third-party logistics and less-than-truckload (LTL) provider with nationwide coverage, world-class support, and a service-first approach.

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Our Services

Transportation and Logistics

Mulder Brothers is one of the top LTL freight providers in Michigan, and we have a strong network of transportation and storage partners that we trust to ensure your freight is delivered on time and intact. Temperature-sensitive products are what we spend the most time on, but we can work with a wide range of clients. 

Our team works hard every day to find creative solutions to save you money and get your LTL freight delivered on time. We negotiate the best possible prices for our customers while prioritizing transparency and communication. As soon as we learn a new piece of information about your shipment and its ETA, we share it with you as soon as possible. 

Multi-Vendor Consolidation

At Mulder Brothers, we love using our multi-vendor consolidation services to save our clients money on equipment and labor—as well as carbon emissions.

The expert staff at Mulder Brothers will look at our current LTL shipments and find creative ways to combine them into a single load. We use a blend of careful consideration and and strict management to make sure that every stop and delivery is scheduled for maximum efficiency and consistent temperature control. Our team goes deep into the logistical planning for large retailers and smaller business to make sure we find the best solutions.

Walmart Consolidation

For Walmart vendors, Mulder Brothers is an approved partner in the Walmart Consolidation Pool Program. We know how to help our clients save money by adhering to Walmart’s strict rules and avoiding fines. Our staff will configure LTL pickup and delivery schedules for product manufacturers to allow them to quickly fill small orders without needing to pay for a full truckload.

In order to coordinate those logistics, we use detailed, data-informed schedules and an extensive network of warehouses that allow us to be flexible and efficient. Our team will also use our years of experience to guide you through Walmart’s requirements.

Temperature-Controlled LTL Services

The Mulder Brothers team has many years of experience with temperature-controlled, frozen, and deep-freeze logistics. Our partners use temperature-controlled trucks that are designed to meet or exceed the standards of the Food Safety Modernization Act and the FDA regarding storage, handling, and temperature. We often work with large food manufacturers, but we are also equipped to service smaller frozen food product manufacturers in Wisconsin as well.

Frozen products are particularly popular with LTL freight because it allows shipments to be delivered faster than standard logistics services. We’re one of the few fully-equipped frozen LTL providers in Wisconsin, and we have extensive experience coordinating the transportation and warehousing of frozen food products, including dinners, seafood, meats, dairy, juice, bread, and more.

Storage and Warehousing

In addition to our logistics services, we also provide reliable storage and warehousing services in Wisconsin. Those services can be a part of our standard logistics strategy, or as a separate services through our partner company, Cold-Link Logistics. Our team works to find opportunities to pair storage with transportation and consolidation to get even better deals for our clients. Our services include temperature-controlled, refrigerated, and frozen warehousing services.

Why Choose Mulder Brothers?

Our staff have decades of experience working with LTL carriers to provide high-quality and affordable services for our clients. Mulder Brothers was born from a partnership with Art Mulder & Sons Trucking (AMST), a family-owned and operated business since it was founded in 1971. We combine a deep knowledge that comes from the experience of owning and operating our trucks with a passion for helping our customers.

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