When it comes to Florida LTL freight providers, you won’t find better than Mulder Brothers Brokerage. Since 2008, we’ve provided reliable, efficient LTL service, specializing in refrigerated, frozen, and climate-controlled goods. 

With a dedication to hard work, transparency, and delivering shipments on time and in full, our brokerage will get you the best in service and price.

Our Services

Transportation and Logistics

With a solid network throughout Florida and nationwide, our team delivers transportation logistics with exceptional attention to detail. Whether you need storage solutions or transportation experts, Mulder Brothers will work with our network to ensure you get the service you need when you need it.

Additionally, we provide smart routing and real-time tracking to deliver your freight when promised. You’ll also find that our efficient LTL packing will maximize efficiency and affordability while maintaining product integrity.

Multi-Vendor Consolidation

Multi-vender consolidation offers the best in efficiency and affordability. When you don’t have a full load to transport, don’t waste time waiting and risking spoilage. Streamline your logistics operations and get your goods to their final destination quickly and without wasted time. Easily and quickly ship your products using Mulder Brothers, the best in Florida LTL freight providers.

Walmart Consolidation

Never worry about not meeting Walmart’s strict standards and deadlines for on-time, in-full deliveries when you work with us. Out of the pool of Florida LTL freight providers, we have worked with Walmart for years, navigating complicated policies and exceeding expectations for excellence. We take the guesswork out of the process, bridging the logistics gap between trusted suppliers and Walmart’s 47 regional distribution centers.

Temperature-Controlled LTL Services

Never worry about spoiled goods and lost revenue with Mulder Brothers. We specialize in temperature-controlled LTL services, offering the best in transportation of refrigerated and frozen goods. Our operation meets all FDA and Food Safety Modernization Act standards, so you will never have to worry about your items being compromised.

As one of the top Florida LTL freight providers, our climate-controlled service is second to none. Whether you are shipping perishable pharmaceuticals, frozen foods, or other goods that require climate control, you can trust that our trucks and storage partners will keep your goods intact.

Storage and Warehousing

We partner with a vast network of storage and warehousing providers to offer a variety of solutions. Whether you need short or long-term storage, we will make sure you get what you need. Additionally, we work with cold storage providers to ensure your refrigerated and frozen goods maintain integrity and that you don’t lose revenue at any point during transit.

Why Choose Mulder Brothers?

With an honest, hardworking philosophy for excellence, transparency, and service, our team will ensure you are satisfied with our logistics services. We offer nationwide support and customer service that puts you first. Get routes that make sense, affordable rates, and shipping you can rely on with Mulder Brothers.

Looking for an Affordable LTL Freight Provider in Florida?

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