Many factors have a negative effect on supply chains. From long wait times to truck maintenance issues, supply chain stressors pose a challenge for many businesses. To alleviate these concerns, Mulder Brothers Brokerage offers a comprehensive array of convenient services and logistics management. Read on to learn about the most common supply chain stressors that companies experience and how Mulder Brothers can help.


Supply Chain Issues 

Any business that involves the transportation of goods can experience delays and challenges associated with its supply chain. These issues can have a ripple effect, causing long-term difficulties, persistent unpredictability, and unhappy customers.

Long Loading and Unloading Wait Times

Many truck drivers are compensated based on the mileage they drive. This means that they aren’t paid for the time they spend waiting at the cargo dock for truck loading and unloading. Cargo processing times frequently add up to several hours each day, particularly when inefficient warehousing practices occur. So not only can loading and unloading add delays to shipments, they significantly cut into a driver’s wages.

Treatment of Truckers

The supply chain challenges in recent years have called attention to the growing shortage — and high importance — of truck drivers, all while online purchases and the resulting transportation needs are increasing. The industry has a very high turnover rate, which isn’t surprising as many truckers report feeling dehumanized in their role, as though they are only a number. They also report that receivers and shippers treat them poorly, going so far as to deny them access to their restrooms. Such treatment hardly supports job satisfaction, employee retention, and a reliable delivery network.

Truck Maintenance

Even if a trucker has already paid off their vehicle, that still leaves the cost of tires and routine or unexpected maintenance. Truckers often pay such maintenance fees for their trucks themselves. These fees are second only to fuel costs in their overall expenses and make up as much as 10% of their out-of-pocket expenditures. Maintenance expenses can cost over $100 per hour. 

Whether it’s a planned inspection or unscheduled repairs, truckers will also pay in the form of lost wages resulting from the necessary downtime. Onsite repair shops are a significant benefit for alleviating some of the burdens of truck maintenance and reducing downtime. This, of course, is beneficial not just for the truckers themselves, but for your supply chain.

How Mulder Brothers Brokerage Can Help

At Mulder Brothers, we eliminate many of the major supply chain stressors through our convenient services. 

Warehouse Services

Mulder Brothers partners with Cold-Link Logistics, a company providing refrigerated warehouse solutions for our network in a number of locations throughout the U.S., including:

  • Orlando, Florida
  • Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Sioux City, Iowa
  • Holland, Michigan
  • Providence, Rhode Island

This gives us access to a range of services, such as freezer, cooler, and dry storage, as well as office space.

Map of Cold Link Logistics cold chain supply chain facilities

Interprofessional Collaboration With Truckers

We at Mulder Brothers live and breathe the trucking industry, and we believe in treating every one of our carrier partners with respect. Backed by an entire fleet from Art Mulder & Sons Trucking (AMST), our sister company, we understand the process of hiring and retaining good drivers. Many of our staff are former drivers themselves, so we have a personal background in the transportation and trucking industry that only experience can provide. This gives us first-hand knowledge of the stressors involved in the trucking profession, and so we are committed to alleviating stress in every way possible.

To that end, we have a collaborative management and scheduling style, with a focus on goal-oriented teamwork. Our core values include:

  • Hard work. Our team is committed to doing whatever is necessary to complete each job.
  • Loyalty. We remain dedicated and faithful to our customer, trucker, and supplier relationships.
  • Honesty. Even when no one’s looking, you can count on us to do what’s right for optimal transparency and accountability.
  • Care. We believe in placing the needs of our coworkers, customers, and suppliers before our own. 
  • Reliability. With Mulder Brothers, you have the peace of mind that comes with a company consistently honoring its promises.
  • Stewardship. Our company nurtures and manages resources for the glory of God.

On-site Maintenance Shop

Through our partnership with Mulder Fleet Services, we’re able to offer onsite equipment inspections and same-day truck and trailer service, as well as parking space rentals and equipment washing. Our maintenance programs include service reminder notifications and record-keeping for easy service and warranty tracking.

Pay Structure and Scheduling for Drivers and Carriers

We built our pay structure to address the greatest compensation stressors truckers face in response to e-log regulations. Our fleet drivers are nearly all paid as salaried workers. Art Mulder & Sons Trucking features primarily salaried compensation, while Mulder Brothers Brokerage typically pays out a daily rate. Also, we set weekly trucking schedules for our contracted drivers backed by 24/7 support.

Working With Mulder Brothers

Supply chain disruptions pose a threat to all types of businesses. At Mulder Brothers, we offer nationwide transportation logistics services to alleviate potential supply chain stressors and ensure enhanced reliability for our customers and partners. Whether you need temperature-controlled trucking, convenient warehouse storage, or you’re looking to collaborate with trusted truckers, we have the solution for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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